Here at The Village Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand that pelvic health issues can be sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable to discuss. Our dedicated team is here to offer compassionate care and specialised treatments for a range of pelvic conditions. Below, you’ll find information on the various conditions we treat, along with insights into how physiotherapy can help restore your health and improve your quality of life.

Vulval Pain Syndromes

Vulval Pain Syndromes refer to chronic pain or discomfort in the vulva, the external female genitalia. This term enco...

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Scar Therapy

Caesarean or Perineal Scar Issues refer to complications or discomforts arising from the healing process of scars aft...

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Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PPGP) is discomfort or pain in the pelvic region that occurs during pregnancy. ...

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Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Pregnancy-Related Back Pain is discomfort or pain experienced in the lower back region during pregnancy. It is a comm...

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Persistent Pelvic Pain

Bladder Pain Syndrome, also known as Interstitial Cystitis, is a chronic condition characterised by pain and pressure...

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Perimenopause and Menopause Condition

What is the Perimenopause and Menopause? The menopause is not a disease or illness but a natural stage in a...

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the muscles and tissues that support the pelvic organs weaken, leading to the desce...

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Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness

Pelvic Floor Muscle Weakness refers to the reduced strength and functionality of the pelvic floor muscles. These musc...

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